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0.5.25 (2nd june 2023)

  • Nua-build: use of Pydandic model for validation of Nua config file.
  • Nua-build: new option “nua-build –validate” to check a configuration before actual build
  • Nua-orchestrator: new backup engine (WIP).
  • Code refactor and CLI user interface improvements.

0.5.16 (29th april 2023)

  • Fix broken release 0.5.15.

0.5.15 (28th april 2023)

  • Nua-orchestrator: the deployment commands of the orchestrator (deploy, remove) now use a sequential mode.
  • Nua-orchestrator: upgrading the application package or changing the deployed domain is permitted by the deploy command (experimental).


  • First release on PyPI.