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Installing the Nua Server

Do not use yet (in production)!

This code is still experimental, and not meant for production consumption.

We have release several “developers preview” and alpha versions, and are working towards a beta release in Q1 2024.

You can accelerate this process by funding the project.


The host must be a Linux server installed with the distribution:

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (jammy)

Note: this is temporary, the orchestrator will be able to manage other distributions later.

In the current version, the orchestrator manages locally a single host.

Note: this is temporary, the orchestrator will be able to manage multiple hosts later.

The Nua Orchestrator will need a ‘nua’ administrator account with root privileges (sudoer and docker groups).

The Nua Orchestrator will interfere with local providers such as Docker services and locally installed databases. The recommended configuration is therefore to use a dedicated server.


All-in-one command

Simply run:

curl -L | sudo python3

Using the nua-bootstrap command

The nua-orchestrator package provides a nua-bootstrap command which will install Nua on the host.

Installation procedure (from released version)

From the root account:

pipx install nua-orchestrator

Installation procedure (from git)

At the moment, this implies a first temporary installation of Nua (which can be done in a temporary directory), from a sudo-able account:

git clone src
cd src/nua-orchestrator
sudo ./env/bin/nua-bootstrap

That command will do many things:

  • create the nua account
  • install the required packages (Docker, postgres, Nginx, …)
  • apply default configuration to the host


  • nua-bootstrap can be safely launched on an existing configuration,

Installation phases

Installation can take several minutes, here an excerpt of main messages displayed during installation:

sudo /home/nua/env/bin/nua-bootstrap
Installing Nua bootstrap on local host.
Warning: Nua was already installed.
Ign:1 jammy InRelease
Hit:2 jammy InRelease                                                                        [...]
Installation of base packages:
apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y ca-certificates curl lsb-release git nginx-light software-properties-common python3-certbot-nginx
Modifying /etc/sudoers for user 'nua' (full access with no passwd)
-> Prior changes found: do nothing
Creation of Python virtual environment for 'nua'
-> Prior /home/nua/env found: do nothing
Install pip
Installation of postgres version 14
apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y postgresql-14 libpq-dev
Setting Postgres password
Installation of Nua nginx configuration
systemctl restart nginx
Installation of local Nua orchestrator (via git)
Cloning into 'nua'...

Nua installation done for user 'nua' on this host.
Command 'nua --help':

At the end of the installation, the available commands are displayed.