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User documentation


To get a feel of how to use Nua as a user (both for building packages and deploying them), we have set up a “demo” app and configuration here.

Here is a recording of the demo script:



Getting support and contributing to Nua

To discuss Nua, report issues, or get support, please use the Discussion Forum and the Issue Tracker currently hosted on GitHub.

You can get direct support by funding the project.

Quick start

Server installation

To install Nua on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 server, run:

curl -L | sudo python3

Do not install Nua on a server were other services are running!

When installed, Nua “takes over” the server, and will potentially interfere with other services such as Docker and locally installed databases.

The recommended configuration is therefore to use a dedicated server (or VM).

We plan to support more flexible configurations in the future.

Command Line Interface (CLI) installation

To install the Nua CLI, run:

pipx install nua
# or
pip install --user nua

Detailed instructions

See: Installation

Command line interface (CLI)

The Nua CLI can be installed independently from the rest of the Nua platform.

Warning: some aspects of this CLI are still being worked out!

Web interface

We’re still working on the web UI. Stay tuned!